The PERFECT project aims at contributing to the innovation and quality of secondary education by developing and testing a teaching/learning strategy based on collaborative cultural production and intercultural exchange also through a meaningful, stimulating and interactive use of digital technology.

The identified concrete objectives of PERFECT are:

  • To stimulate and support the development of autonomous learning and basic research skills, creative thinking, collaborative attitudes and skills through the creation of cultural products based on local history;
  • To organise and reward digitally-enhanced international collaboration of partner schools by supporting the exchange of good practice and cultural products originated locally by students’ groups, interacting among them through digitally supported project work;
  • To develop a review of the experiences conducted and produce a set of methodological instruments to support the replicability and dissemination of the PERFECT “open model” of action;
  • To set up and promote a network of primary and secondary schools committed to participate in exchange of cultural products developed by their students and in a European Festival.