Austria - Borg Dreierschützengassse

The school

Borg Dreierschützengassse is an Upper Secondary School located in Graz, Styria, Austria. The school offers five different branches to support the students´ talents and interests: Music, Arts, IT, Science and Drama. About 540 students aged 15 to 18 attend the school and 60 teachers teach around 25 subjects, inlcuding German, English, French, Latin, Italian, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IT, Psychology, Philosophy, Arts, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Ethics, German as a second language, Science Laboratory. Every year, they host several musical performances. Additionally, the drama class in year 11 perform a play developed in the summer term at the end of each schoolyear.
Moreover, the school offers various activites students can participate in: sports weeks, language and cultural trips to Ireland, Malta and France as well as various excursions. Additionally, students are supported in learning the German language and give them extra-curricular and voluntary support in achieving required language skills.
After having successfully completed their final year of school in grade 8, the students take their school leaving exams (“Matura”) enabling them to study at a university or college.

Performing arts at school

The school offers five different branches: Music, Arts, IT, Science and Drama. As regards the music, arts and drama classes, (performing) arts are of course implemented in the curriculum and students naturally must attend these subjects. Furthermore, they can even take their A-levels in these subjects. Attending one of the three branches also implies staging and performing a play in grade 7 for the drama classes. The arts classes have to regularly organize art exhibitions, the music classes show their talents on several occasions throughout the school year. Therefore, the students are generally quite experienced in organizing and participating in large scale performances or events.


The school is involved in the Perfect Project because our objectives are to support our students in the areas of art, drama, music, languages, Science and information technologies at the highest possible level. Through the project students benefit in all the aforementioned domains due to innovative working styles and research methods applied. Furthermore, one of the teachers’ goals to be achieved with the participation in the project is to adequately support our students´ skills and talents and to broaden their horizons. Being part of the Perfect Project enables teachers to investigate into and apply innovative didactic methods thus creating a perfect work space at school. Additionally, international and transnational multi-level cooperation of teachers, students and the school’s affiliates is an incredible enrichment that definitely fosters mutual European understanding and has to be seen as an important means to extinguish racism and prejudices.

The students involved

In the school year 2021/22, the project work started with two Science classes (5E/year 9 and 7E/Year 11, age 15 – 18) as two of the Erasmus teachers’ team’s members are these classes’ tutors. Other students involved in the project attend the grade 7 arts class, musical class and drama class. The teenagers are experienced in staging performances of different kinds, creating pieces of art as well as musical performances and organizing exhibitions. Some of the students speak more than one language (plus the languages taught at school) and eagerly participate in creating community maps, project work devoted to our school’s PERFECT learning products including artwork and the realization of scenic performances. In the course of this school year, 8E will leave the project as students are preparing for the A-levels, but guide and support newcomers from grade 7 with the experience gained.

This project started at the beginning of December 2021. It made me think about the past and how much has changed in the course of time. We also got the chance to find out more about an amazing man we had already heard of before.
Working on the project as a team enabled us to get to know each other way better.

The School Team in PERFECT

This is the school’s Perfect team:

Dir. Dr. MMag.Liane Strohmeier, principal; subjects: German, French, Psychology/Philosophy and Religious Education

  • Mag. Heidemarie Kandutsch: German and English
  • Mag. Verena Klausner:  Arts and Arts and Design
  • Mag. Eva Strohmeier: German and English
  • Mag. Bettina Sudy: Music and Vocals, Piano
  • Dr. MMag. Pedro Traar: Chemistry and History
  • Mag. Gudrun Willière: Physics and Physical Education

This project has been funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Convention No. 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000027801.